World Wild Web is my bachelor thesis(fr).
I took a closer look at the students of écal to better understand how they share their data on the Internet and how they consider the protection of their privacy. First of all in a targeted way, on selected students, and then more generally.

7 students

I chose first to store the data of 7 students of écal that I do not know. By data I hear all files with their names in Tempo (the server of our school) as well as all their traces left on google. I will therefore operate by profiling method.
For each of the 7 students, their collected data were assembled in a booklet printed 4 times for the sale.

1st Media & Interaction Design   →   J. Pierry
2nd Graphic design   →   D. Ariane
1st Photography   →   P. Hugo
1st Visual Arts   →   E. Cecilia
1st Cinema   →   I. Nelson
2nd Industrial Design   →   D. Salim & G. Victor

Survey @ écal

Survey made Wednesday, February 3, 2016 on students of écal, about their habits on Internet and social networks. 160 people responded to the survey sent exclusively via the écal mail.

The écal students social networks

Facebook92.9 %     
WhatsApp90.9 %
Skype83.8 %
Instagram78.6 %
Snapchat57.8 %
Pinterest52.6 %
Youtube50 %
Soundcloud40.9 %
Vimeo40.9 %
LinkedIn24.7 %
Twitter24.7 %
Tinder16.9 %
Steam11 %
Flickr11 %
Behance10.4 %
Vine9.1 %
Insta message9.1 %
Skyblog7.1 %
Delicious7.1 %
Dailymotion3.9 %
Msn3.9 %
Vkontakte3.2 %
Foursquare3.2 %
Medium2.6 %
Chatroulette2.6 %
Origine1.9 %
Picasa1.3 %
Reddit1.3 %
9chat0.6 %
Meetic0 %
Ello0 %

They think there is compromising data about them

They encrypt some of their data

They are agree to share all their public and private data with

Friends37.7 %
Family24 %
Me (Alexia)7.1 %
Unknown3.9 %

© Alexia Lechot / ECAL - 2016