Synthesis is a crazy research about how it is possible to grow a plant with colors emitted from four iPads.

Visible light

The sun emits white light which is the sum of all the collors also called visible light.
What we call visible light are wavelengths from about 390 to 700 nm. The human eyes interpret this wavelengths as color. Uv and infrared are different wavelengths that the human eye can't see.
The vegetation don't need all the collors of the white light. It absorbs the pink and the chlorophyll reject the green (it's why we see vegetation as green).

Colors choose for my project

Pink is totally absorbed by the chloroplast and is equivalent to the most luminous moment of the day, which is noon.

Green is not absorbed by the plant, it's like the night that is also useful to the plant for the calvin cycle. The calvin cycle is a chemical reactions that convert carbon dioxide and other compounds into glucose.


When you touch one of the iPad the colors change. The order of the colors changing reproduce a 24 hours day. It's a gradual gradient to Green - Pink - Green / Night - Day - Night.

Software & Material

Local website using MAMP. The project is developed with Node.js for the server and the management of the websockets. The interaction of the site are runed with Javascript.
The flowerpot is made of fir wood with cutted angle. And it's four iPads Air.

© Alexia Lechot / ECAL - 2015